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Pedal Dead Hard stickers - in memory of Richard James Taylor

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Hello friends, fellow cyclists and fans of Rick.
Please help us raise money for the family of Richard James Taylor.
Our good friend and champion cyclist who will be sorely missed by so many people, as he sadly passed away whilst on a cycling adventure last week in France. 

These vinyl Bike stickers are fine to use on bikes, and cars or feel free to stick them on your forehead. The money raised will go towards his family to help them with this tough time. The stickers have the hashtag PDH - Pedal Dead Hard! Ricks tagline and a great way to remember him.
The stickers are 6cm diameter so perfect to stick around a bike frame.

Richard was a talented cyclist and there will be a "Ride for Rick" event on Sunday 19th August to honour his memory. You can preorder these stickers and collect them at the event or I can post them to you next week once the event is over. here is the link to the event which is on "The Bicycle Lounge" (Ormskirk) Facebook page

There are 200 stickers so please share this link so we can raise money for his loved ones. 
Goodbye Richard Taylor, we will always miss you.